I’m so happy I had the idea to have all the people I love over for a Valentine’s Day soiree last night. Everyone brought an appetizer to share, and there was lots of champs and wine and laughter. 

I haven’t really talked about it, but I’ve had some health challenges that culminated in me feeling like the last thing I want to do is anything except couch surf. I finally got the gumption to go to the doctor and found out what the root cause was. Turns out I have low T3 ad T4 in my body and had a low grade infection I’d been fighting, too. Some antibiotics and a very small dose of a natural thyroid supplement, and I feel like a new person.

So, it was wonderful feeling better, feeling animated again, having laughs and fun with our friends and their kids. I love having parties. All the children running rampant, high on cupcakes and juice boxes, all over the property, with parents that have no idea where they are, because most of our friends are also what one would call “free-range parenting enthusiasts”. Parents chatting and laughing, everyone together in my warm home with good food and warm bellies. 

I often have moments when I am entertaining when I look around, so appreciative of the people we have in our lives. Last night was no exception. It was truly a day of celebrating love, in all its forms, with those dear to us.