I’m not one that needs Mother’s Day to be a big production. I just asked for some time in the house alone and maybe dinner on the grill. My family way topped that. My Sugar Biscuit made me some darling presents at school, Dozer bought me tulips with her own money and made me a fabulous photo montage. Stinky fingerprinted with SB so I could read some more on the patio. My husband took all the kids out for the majority of mid-day, and left me here with a new Kindle Paperwhite, and a Lady of Guadelupe pendant from James Avery. I made myself a picnic plate (what we call cheese, crackers, pickles, olives, fruits, etc.) and sat on the patio for hours reading. It was glorious, and a reminder that I need to take more time to myself and let my family care for me more often. 

It was a great day, and I am ready to tackle the week!