An essay I wrote about my Grammy was just published in a UU newsletter. I’m feeling stoked about that, as a lifetime UU. 

I guess I should really think about taking this writing stuff seriously, since opportunities seem to be handing themselves to me. Writing is hard sometimes. What if I don’t want to?!?

My writing teacher and her husband are coming for a dinner party here tonight. I’m making Faye’s famous BBQ shrimp, Caesar salad, french bread, and a chocolate fudge cake that I’m going to serve with ice cream and Breakup Potion from Dude Sweet Chocolate. Can’t wait. I love my teacher, and I love dinner parties!

We are going to leave in a while to take the whole family to see the last two houses on our list and make a final decision. We’ve had at least one showing every day on this place, and I can feel that an offer is close. It’s a good thing, because I am READY to get out of here!!!