We all went to the rodeo last night. Because my youngest son charms everyone he meets, he was able to score us box tickets on the front row by simply being himself with a man that works at a local famous western store.  (This man, who SB calls Uncle Buffalo, has a son who plays on Stinky’s football team. Uncle Buffalo and Graham are fast friends.) 

We got to the arena, settled in for the show, made it through the bull riding, and moved into saddle broncs. On the first ride, a cowboy got thrown really badly. He rolled over and over, but then jumped up and ran to the fence right in front of us, climbed over, and collapsed. My husband ran to help him, and we watched as he turned a horrible grey color. The medic looked him over and made the call to get him up and move him to the back, with my husband arguing all the while. Hubs disappeared into the back of the arena, and we said a short prayer for the hurt kid and turned back to the rodeo. 

The next rider ended up with a compound fracture when the horse stepped on his leg. Then, the next guy got thrown and ended up doing this. 

You can see Stinky’s face on the left. Poor guy landed on that family, slid to the ground, and had to be helped to the back by my dad and his friend. 

And this is why they say rodeo is the most dangerous sport in the world. I’ve been attending them all my life, and I’ve never seen three bad accidents in a row like this. The report today is that everyone is okay, and I am hoping that is the case. 

Meanwhile, Hubs tried to take SB out for the calf scramble, and he was having none of it. I am sure he was convinced he was going to also be the victim of an awful rodeo disaster LOL! My dad got this shot, and it pretty much sums up how he felt about going “on stage”.