Our house is still on the market, but we are only at ten days listed now, so I’m not getting antsy. We’ve had some good showings, and people that refused to come inside because the outside is ugly. I concur, the outside of my house is hideous 🙂 I’m thinking if it’s not sold after 30 days on market it’ll be about the time I start to get sick of all this crap. Besides, we haven’t found a new place to live yet! We have two or three that we are interested in, but what we keep coming back to is this horrible little log cabin in the woods on an acre. It needs MASSIVE work, like to the tune of $100-200k worth, for an addition and a new roof and a brand new everything inside. But the lot is amazing, and the house is quirky and charming, and even with that amount of work, we would still be way under market for the area. Plus, the backyard is Corp property with hiking and walking trails and then the lake. It’s pretty amazing. It went on the market, and came back off, and now it’s sitting there waiting. Our plan is if it’s still available to make a lowball offer and see what happens. That is, if we can’t find anything else between now and then. 

Stinky is still enjoying his homeschool co-op thing. He’s happy to be done reading “The Witch of Blackbird Pond”. He hated that book! He finished 5th grade math and is now onto 6th, so that’s good. He’s thinking he wants to go to middle school next year. We will see…

Dozer is 14, every bit of 14. We had a conversation yesterday in which I told her it was age appropriate to pretty much dislike, and be irritated by me, and that it was normal for me in turn to be completely put off by her hatred of me most of the time. We made an agreement to try to not kill each other over the next three years and to keep the hate to a dull roar. 

The Teen is working full time managing a local candy store, planning to go to school this summer. I think she might pretty much have her shit together, for the most part. One can hope, anyway.

Sugar Biscuit is awesome. So happy, and full of life and joy. He starts soccer this week, and I can’t WAIT to see a bunch of two and three year olds on the field. The cuteness will abound!

Hubs and I are great, per usual. Trying to keep the stress of moving and buying/selling a home out of our relationship, and are being mostly successful. Hubs needs his eyes checked and I need to go for a physical, and we need to make those things a priority. Next week. There’s always next week….

So, that’s us in a nutshell. Just humming along, waiting to see where we land next. It’s an exciting time!