We did it! My dad was indispensable with his advice, and Brandon and Cash helped so much. We had Kevin show up towards the end, and he taught us that if you put dish soap on a screw, it’ll go in easier. Who knew? 

I did a lot of winterizing. Put a tarp over the chicken coop, filled the bird feeders, wormed the donkeys, scooped poo. I also made a hay feeder out of a laundry basket. It may not hold up long, but it’s the perfect solution and was free, as opposed to spending lots of money on something that might not work. Too much waste feeding the hay on the ground. 

Anyway, we can now separate the livestock from the people area, which I’m very happy about. Now, to build garden beds!

Ha! I just noticed my donkeys trying to mount each other in one picture, and a giant bucket of poo in another. We so Klassy!