I made this tonight, and I am going to apologize now for lack of real measurements and such. Let’s be real though, if you’re surfing recipes on the internet you probably have a basic idea of what tastes good and how to make yummy food. I’m hoping you know how to do this,  at least a little bit.  If you don’t, that sucks, because being able to make good food without your mommy holding your hand is pretty much a basic life skill that I suggest you practice until you’re reasonably successful. Or else you might end up single and alone and eating food out of boxes, and no one wants that. Trust me.

Okay, so I took a bunch of tomatoes from the garden. About four cups chopped (actually about 600 grams according to my scale). Threw those into the Vitamix and then threw in about a half a small fresh onion and a small zucchini, cut into bits. Don’t be a dumbs, of course you have to peel the onion and slice the end pieces from the zuke. Then I threw in about a half can of tomato paste, a handful of fresh basil, a half handful of fresh oregano, a small spoon of brown sugar, a bunch (maybe a tablespoon) of salt, a dash of crushed red pepper, some pepper, and a splash of the nice pinot I had while cooking. Then, I blended the hell out of it til it was nice and smooth. Threw it into a saucepan, and simmered that yum about thirty minutes.

Then, I cooked up some orzo and sautéed some shrimp in butter and lemon and fresh cracked pepper, and served that sauce on top of the orzo and shrimp. I love orzo. Love it. It’s like rice, but less good for you. Kind of like my second husband.

So yeah, dinner from a blender. Mostly.

Cheers, y’all!