Yesterday, we had a Party. We often have small get togethers at our house, but yesterday was a Party. We rented a big inflatable water slide, a snow cone machine, and cooked up just shy of a hundred hot dogs. We were celebrating being on the other side of the rainbow with SB’s case. I just looked around, over and over again, in awe of our friends and family. 

We had, in addition to close friends and family:

-the Brothers who were our foster placement twice last year and this one,

-their adoptive parents,

-the first foster parents for the Brothers and their new foster placements,

-our lawyer, who is a HUGE supporter of CASA, and his family,

-the pastor of the new church we’ve been going to, who sat in court with us a few days.

I mean, are you kidding me?!?!?!?!!? This is what it’s about, ladies and gents! The Brothers, who have been in care for over two years, get to come hang out with both sets of foster parents and their new parents, plus all their foster brothers and sisters. I got teary eyed multiple times, looking around at everyone yesterday.

What a Village, and what a circle of people we have in our lives. I just have no words for how grateful I am.

(I just wish I had taken at least one picture, darn it! Especially when my intrepid bulldog of an attorney went down the water slide!)