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I’m a writer, and this table, made with my husbands hands, leaves me speechless. The place where we share food is sacred, and the fact that it’s our old table combined with a new top says so much about where... Read More

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visitheworld: The colors of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran (via maijamaltais). Breathtaking.... Read More

lovealwaysangelairene: thecorpsebrideiwillneverbe: jah-feel: I’m sorry but I had to reblog this. This book is basically the book I needed as a kid instead of realizing all of those things the hard way~ My future children will have this Must get... Read More

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Horseplay Thursday evolved into chicken fights and some bruised talbones. It was a BLAST!... Read More

This one has better manners than mine, who will ram their noses repeatedly in the crotch until you pet them. I forgive it because of the adorable way they “HEEE HAWWW” hello to me every time I go outside.... Read More