SB used to eat all the good foods. Literally anything on his plate he would at least eat a few bites. Not so after this summer of laziness and travel. Now it’s yogurt and anything in bar form along with smoothies and some meats and some fruits.

So I’m putting my foot down. I’m putting healthy things on his plate and he’s allowed no snacks or juice or milk until he eats at least a tiny bit. He simply refuses to eat. Last night he ate six bites of salmon, a food he enjoyed last month.

The problem is he gets low blood sugar and then turns into a shrieking whinebag, and we can’t have that. This morning, he has a warm, whole wheat blueberry almond muffin with butter on his plate. He’s refusing. I’ve set it on the table and told him he can have juice as soon as he eats some muffin. He’s studiously avoiding the muffin. 

He has gymnastics and must eat before we go. He’s getting thinner, I can see it. Help! What should I do?