His preschool has music and movement for half an hour twice a week, and now that we’ve moved, Gymboree is far. So, we cancelled music, which made me sad because we’ve been going a long long time and they all know our story and are super sweet to my boy. Since Dozer is going to try tumbling class, adding SB on is really reasonable, so we are going to try it. 

One thing I have not done a good enough job of is getting my kids involved in extracurriculars. Mainly because I hated the thought of having to be twelve places a week, and I felt like having time to be bored and be kids was more important. Plus, when we homeschooled we were always doing some kind of cool outside the box something. But I am seeing (almost too late for some of my kids) that extras are needed, and that kids need to be busy, and here we are.

Hope he likes it!