We were supposed to get up early and beat the crowd, because Mama wanted Dutch Babies. But, Hubs was at a neighbors house until almost two last night, so he’s a-sleepin’. We’ve got to get Stinky some new tennies, and it’s time for him to have a desk in his room. In following our family decorating plan, this means we go buy Elfa. I have an Elfa system for my craft desk, Dozer has a huge one in her room, and now Stinky will have one. We buy the same color shelves, so that we can reconfigure the systems if we ever need to. I love how they keep everything up off the floor, and look so neat and organized. It’s expensive, but the fact that you can re-use and redeisgn the stuff for life is worth it for me. 

And since I didn’t get a Dutch Baby, I’m making Hubs buy me a cheeseburger and fried okra. Time to go wake him up!