We have the buyer’s inspection on our house today, so we gotta clear out. We are skipping Gymboree Music and heading to the museum to see the Titanic exhibit. With all this house stuff going on, we are having a light book work week, and doing a lot of documentary watching and museum going for homeschooling. Later in the week we plan to hit the Holocaust museum. Stinky has asked to go, and it’s next door to the Sixth Floor Museum, so we will probably get a sitter for SB and do both.

We put in an offer on our new place last night. We lowballed it, so we are expecting them to come back with a counter offer. However, we do expect do get it eventually, and it looks like our move date will be May 11. Good thing I’ve pre-packed a BUNCH! One of the funny things is we’ve asked them to leave their chicken coop. It’s darling, and the perfect size for the amount of hens we will keep. Our realtor had never placed an offer where the buyer requested a chicken coop be left behind 🙂

Off to shower!