The warm up to drop-off for preschool, and the actual drop-off, was rough. SB was clearly anxious about going, and very anxious about taking a nap at school. There was a lot of crying, and requests to be held, and talking through fears. The saddest part was when he was asking me to repeatedly sing the “Grownups Come Back” song from Daniel Tiger 🙁

I went home and had a few mimosas, and got lots of reassurance from my girlfriends about their kids preschool experiences. We had a lot of laughs, drank a lot of champs, ate all kinds of nibbles, and most of us got massage and/or mini glycolic facials from my friend Heather. 

I picked Sugar Biscuit up, and he was being snuggled by his teacher. She said she had a better day, and they are in awe of his vocabulary and manner of speech, which they described as being very mature LOL. Having older siblings must make him quite the chat master. Sounds like he is adjusting, and we both might make it.

Yay for Champagne Thursdays!