Sugar Biscuit has school, and after I drop him off I’m headed to get a couple of barn cats. The county we used to live in has a program for feral/non-socialized cats in which you can have them for free as outdoor pest control. They come fixed and fully vetted and microchipped. These little guys, brother and sister, will live in our barn and hopefully help with our increasing gopher and mouse problem. They’ve been fostered by a friend of mine, so I know they aren’t feral, just very, very shy. The way things work around here, within two months these guys will be sleeping at the foot of our bed and refusing to go outside. I have to stop at the store on the way and get them the things they need to be cosy and at home. I’m perhaps one of the only people in history to get a special bed and lantern so the kitties in my barn feel at home. Just call me crazy animal lady. This brings the number of animate life forms that I’m in charge of feeding to 18, which would have been more if we hadn’t decided to rehome the quail because they kept dying and getting injured and it was super depressing. 


Then, I it’s just a typical mom day. Stinky has been released from having to go to football practice because of his arm, and I am very much enjoying lazier evenings and more family time. 

Welp, off to feed the donkeys!