Sugar Biscuit had his birthday party yesterday. His birthday is in a week, but it’s so close to Christmas that we had to do it early. It was a cowboy Christmas party, we had chili and a hot chocolate bar and the kids cooked hot dogs on the fire pit. We were pretending it was winter, and not 70 outside. The party was the perfect size, and I spent the whole time being grateful about how lucky I am to be able to hold and love on my children, and that I get the rest of SB’s birthdays to celebrate with him. It was also super cool seeing all my family there, and watching my dad play Little People Farm with SB 🙂

After the party, I had to get cooking. It’s family Christmas on my dad’s side today, and I am bringing the dressing and pecan pie. Dozer is in charge of the deviled eggs. The dressing is fully asembled. It’s my Gram’s recipe, and is totes yum. I still have to bust out the pie and boil the eggs for Dozer.

I came down with the first stirrings of a bladder infection last night. Super awesome of me to not listen to my intuition and drink more water, like it’s been begging me to for weeks. Instead I’m horking down coffee and cookies. I’m going to power through the rest of the weekend on AZO tablets and Hydrocodone, and luckily, SB had a checkup with our family doctor tomorrow. I can hone in on that apppointment and get myself a scrip. I’m taking colloidal silver, Oregon grape root, and grapefruit seed extract. I’d love to get a handle on it naturally, but after going septic and almost dying from a kidney infection in my 20’s, I’m pretty cautious with these things.

Alright, time to go finish the food that has to leave the house in three hours LOL!