This morning, I had an opportunity to check myself and my priorities. We’ve had a busy week, everyone was tired, and I was rushing to get us out the door and the little guy to preschool so that I could begin a full day of errands and work. I found myself getting irritated and tense. I may have found myself raising my voice a little. Maybe more than a little.

And then it hit me.

Absolutely nothing was going to change in our day if we got to preschool ten minutes late. So I took a breath, enjoyed a quick breakfast with my favorite four-year-old, and took advantage of an opportunity to hit the reset button on today. We even snuck a moment to look at a really cool stick the wind had knocked out of the tree, and set it aside for playtime later.

As we move through the day with our families, it’s always good to keep our eyes on the end goal while staying present in the moment. This is why I always start sessions with new clients discussing what their goals are for their families, so that we can check in and make sure their actions are consistent with their goals.

One of my main goals for our household is peace. This morning, rushing and snapping, my behavior was not consistent with my goal. A quick deep breath and attitude adjustment allowed me to asses what I could do, what I could change, to get our day on track and honor my goal of peace. That meant we missed a little puzzle time at preschool, and that was completely okay with me and with Sugar Biscuit.

As you go about your day today, keep your goals in mind. Give yourself permission to change what isn’t working, what isn’t in alignment with what you want for yourself and your babies. Sometimes this means small baby steps in order to effect really large change. And sometimes it simply means taking time to look at a really cool branch the wind blew in, holding hands with a little person you love more than life itself.