It’s going well so far with the extra littles. There’s a been a lot this week in general with regards to my husband and his dad and trainings and end of school stuff, but we’ve done okay. No major behaviors, which astounds me with all they’ve endured over the last two years. Sugar Biscuit is doing an excellent job sharing his toys and his mommy. Next week will be short week with them and then their foster mom will be off work for a while and can takeover their full time care.

This morning, I took all the littles out to a local market with a playground, and they had a fabulously dirty time. I got a lot of looks in the posh part of town, trying to figure out who I was to all these kids and how they belonged to me. L (the five-year-old) dropped the necklace I gave him, and started to melt down, so we packed up and left. I got everyone to be still and quiet long enough to fall asleep, which they desperately needed. I may have bribed them with ice cream cones upon waking. I’ll admit I needed the break, too. 

Having three boys five and under isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard. It does reaffirm our decision to not take younger placements. Sugar Biscuit, along with my other kids, deserve the best we can give them and other small children divide my attention too much. I’m well aware that a foster child who is older than him will also divide my attention, but there’s a lot to be said for developmental ages and bigger kids. I just find it easier to stay in my zen place with bigger kids for a lot of reasons.

That being said, we are doing respite this weekend for an 11 year old boy. He’s reported to have some behavioral challenges, although he’s never misbehaved while in respite, so this should be an interesting weekend. I’m praying for easy and low-key, and looking forward to experiencing what a pre-teen placement feels like for our family.