He needs a checkup, and we are also going to see if she will write him a letter that states because of his medical history, he should qualify for the adoption subsidy. We found out stuff in court that means SB will need to have an eye kept on him to make sure he doesn’t have long term problems, like learning disabilities and such.

In our state, kids adopted out of foster care qualify for a free college education and they keep their Medicaid. Some even qualify for a monthly subsidy check. Unless you are white, and under the age of two. Since everyone wants a white baby (furious eyeroll). There should be a waiver for this for families who don’t specify a race, or sex, or age, like us, but whatever. I don’t make the laws. Just because we happened to get a white baby who we are planning to adopt should not penalize the child. Especially since going in, we neever planned to end up adopting. Blah. You do get this if you adopt a sibling group, a minority infant, or white child over two.

So, SB won’t qualify for these things unless there is a medical need. You would think the fact that his body was assaulted with chemicals the whole time he was in utero, was born just over five pounds, was premature, and spent the first two months of his life in the NICU would qualify him, but we will see. Also, if BioMom proceeds with her appeal, it will increase his age at the time we start the adoption process, at which point, he will get some bennies. Hopefully, he will qualify either way. I’m just leaving it all up to the big wheel in the sky, and seeing which way it falls. 

Obviously, we love SB like our own, and aren’t trying to make money off this deal. But, if he were to get even the free college, it would just be awesome for him, because it would allow us to funnel that money to other enriching places in his life.

Send some good thoughts that what’s supposed to happen, does. And that I have the right words for the doctor to ask for what SB needs.