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I’m not leaving-

There’s been a few people asking me why I am leaving Tumblr for WordPress. I’m not leaving, but I am growing up, and it was time to switch to a format that allowed me to look more serious and take... Read More


My essay on parenting my oldest daughter just went live on Brain, Mother. Check it out, and feel free to share or comment on the site, or here. Also, you are welcome to reblog.  Transitions... Read More

My Writing

If any of you have a desire to read anything I’ve published at Brain, Child, you may do so here. Feel free to leave replies. The comments on my most recent piece have been interesting!... Read More

I seriously ran through my house half dressed and screaming this morning, y’all!

OH MY GOD I SOLD MY ESSAY!!!!! I’M GOING TO BE A PUBLISHED WRITER!!!! THIS IS MY DREAM COMING TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brain, Child has accepted it. I am very, very excited!... Read More