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In most states, foster parents are allowed to intervene in their foster child’s case after having the child in their home for a certain length of time. In Texas, on year is usually considered the standard amount of time you... Read More

Fostering Neglect – The Texas Observer

Texas’ foster care reforms were supposed to fix a deadly system. Instead, they might make it worse. Fostering Neglect – The Texas Observer... Read More

Respite Care-

*I know I’ve complained about my agency not emailing me back. I’m happy to say there was a miscommunication on both our parts, and it was rectified quickly.  For our agency, here’s what is required for people who want to... Read More

What’s Next?

I seriously don’t know. I’m sitting with the knowledge that my family is on board to perhaps foster parent again, and I’m just praying for the right answers for all of us. Where we are now is in a research... Read More