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The bonus boys’ English is improving greatly. Every day it gets a little easier to communicate. Our foster agency is amazing. The caseworkers don’t expect the foster homes to do all the work, and are actually partners, and grateful for... Read More

Days Two and Three

***Please excuse any typos or poor writing. It’s all I can do to squeeze out the brain power needed to write this. After a somewhat failed shopping trip yesterday, we ventured out to one of our local free concerts in... Read More

Our Adoption Slideshow-

Get your Kleenex! I so enjoyed watching this just now with SB, and remembering what an amazing day this was. I will never forget the feeling when the final pronouncement was made by the judge. That’s where you see me... Read More

Our Foster Parenting Story

*I had to write this letter for our lawyer when we hired him to intervene in our case, so he could get a sense of who we were. It is a pretty clear outline of what we went through, and... Read More

Adopting from Foster Care 101

There are so many moving parts to an adoption, and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned through the adoption of The Brothers, along with Sugar Biscuit’s. I am probably going to have to come back and adjust this as... Read More