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Last week-

My son broke his arm last Sunday night at a charity event. He broke both the ulna and the radius right above the wrist. We spent a harrowing evening in the ER, but he was very very brave and stoic.... Read More

Like this.... Read More

Resty Crafty

Finally, a schedule that will allow be to get healthy again. Music class this morning, a quick errand, a healthy lunch, and a long baby nap that allowed mama to get a lot of sewing done.  If anyone is looking... Read More

Behold, the Great Wall of Craft. This is where I’m parked for the next several hours. Bliss. #crafting #sewing #craftroom (Taken with Instagram)... Read More

And I’m about this far into a blazer. With welt pockets. And lining. And a blind hem. Whoa!... Read More

I also finished these. I always take forever to add buttons because I hate sewing by hand. And, I don’t know how to get my thumb out of the way when I take pictures.... Read More

I am definitely making this, this week! ... Read More