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In Practice

Last night was Sugar Biscuit’s first soccer practice. He was so excited to go, until he got there. I was busy with a late client, so Dozer drove him for me. As soon as he got there, the tears and... Read More

I am thankful for preschool teachers-

Here is a letter I wrote to SB’s- Mrs. A and Mrs. K-  Today, SugarBiscuit left school bubbling over with joy. He was giddy, with a huge spring in his step. He told me repeatedly, “I had good day, Mom!... Read More

The day before

Today I am going to clean out SB’s closet, give away the too small stuff and hang up the new fall things.  Then I am going to label his nap mat, lunch box, backpack, and other items. He goes to... Read More

Pre-School Drop Out

Sugar Biscut hates preschool. He screams from the second we pull into the parking lot, until they call me to come get him because he won’t eat his lunch or snack. This means I am paying multiple hundreds of dollars... Read More