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A Rolling Stone

The world’s made an excellent point of teaching me that the things you think are right might not always be, and sometimes you just have to sit in faith and wait to be shown the path.  It’s also shown me... Read More

It takes a lot more courage to let something go than it does to hang on to it, trying to make it better. Letting go doesn’t mean ignoring a situation. Letting go means accepting what is, exactly as it is,... Read More

I offered SB's birth father a visit.

He said he would like that, and he’d let me know. I told him we would be available after August 20th. We will see if he follows through. He may choose not to, and I am fine with that. I... Read More


Dreamt all last night that we were back in court with SB’s birth mom. That she had figured out a way to try and get him back, and we were doing the trial all over again, but I couldn’t find... Read More