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A lipstick hippie and wanna be urban farmer blogs on life, motherhood, and foster parenting. Want to follow my new improved grown up blog over on Facebook? Come on, give it a likey! Tumblewieds... Read More

Dozer got a job, y’all!

Now I have two children who are part of the workforce! Maybe I haven’t fucked them up too bad, after all!!! Kidding. Mostly.  But anyway, I am SO proud of my baby girl who is bravely forging her way into... Read More

3 pm

It really doesn’t seem fair that this time of day, when I begin feeling so sleepy after running around all day, is in reality the start of the busiest time of day for me. ... Read More

A letter to my children on the first day of school.

8/26/2013 My Babies: A new school year is upon us, in this year of so many new beginnings. I know that three years ago, when we decided as a family to shake things up and offer our home as a... Read More