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I don’t usually do these, but I have a second, and Mamamusement tagged me, and I like the questions, so…. Here goes! 11 questions for you to answer 1. What’s an under-appreciated TV show or movie everyone should see? Love... Read More

Happy birthday, Marci! I took time out from being sick on the couch to drag myself to my phone, so now you know how much I lurve you! I hope you have an awesome day!... Read More

My hair is long enough to be getting curly. I vacillate between loving it and thinking I look a lot like Anne Lamott, which isn’t a bad thing, but not the look I’m going for at this point in my... Read More

Here’s to you Marci! Take that, sarcoma!... Read More

I declare this Champagne Tuesday in honor of Marci!

In one hour, I’m toasting Marci and her cancer free status! Photo reply with your own toast!... Read More

This is my eff cancer face. We got your back, Marci! #mamamusement... Read More