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discoballdad: Thanks my fav busy biz lady! That’s totally what we were thinking as well. Finn was three the last time we went to Maine…I just need to figure out where we would go without too much of the VacationLand... Read More

The blazer,

Lazydad, the blazer is a pattern I got off Etsy. You print it yourself and cut the size you need. It’s a pretty well drafted pattern. You should make one for the boy 🙂... Read More

lazydad replied to your photo: Happy Champagne Tuesday, y’all! (Taken with… OMG! Champagne Tuesday should be a thing!!! I am in! It’s Tuesday often, and I always have champagne. Who’s with me next Tuesday?!?... Read More

So, I’ve been looking for new chairs for over a year to replace the love seat that Stinky wore a hole in with his ass and too much Halo. Finally, success at Costco, where I least expected it. And Lazydad,... Read More

lazydad replied to your photo: When he’s older, he will probably hate me for… They are adorable! I’ll save them for your next baby 🙂... Read More