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After the rain. Another spring view. #growinguplast... Read More

My spring view... Read More

Growing Up Last: Whose money is it anyway?

growinguplast: I’m a stay at home parent, therefore the breadwinning goes to my husband. It’s fair to say that 99% of our family’s income is from his paycheck, and while I do make some money blogging, it in no way... Read More

This is my best friend/sister, with my youngest daughter. Christina and I met in 2001, when we were both pregnant and planning unasissted births. She now lives in Montreal, and we see each other rarely, but always pick up right... Read More

Family in Motion. This picture was taken June 27th, 2012. Ten days before the trial that terminated Sugar Biscuit’s mother’s rights, and at a time when we didn’t know for sure if he would stay with us, or not. It... Read More