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My Letter

Flower, You’ve been gone 16 days. I’m surprised by this number, the same as your age, the sum of your years around the sun. Time stood still after you left, the way time does when our lives tilt off their... Read More

On making friends with your limitations….

You must also make friends with your limitations.  Start by honestly assessing what you are capable of, and I don’t mean in some ideal world where you are always rested and you have all the money and time you need... Read More

A Letter from My Mom

My mother and father wrote precious letters to Flower, right before she was moved. We were all urging her to make good choices, telling her how much she is loved. I thought I would share them here, with their permission,... Read More

What’s Next?

I seriously don’t know. I’m sitting with the knowledge that my family is on board to perhaps foster parent again, and I’m just praying for the right answers for all of us. Where we are now is in a research... Read More