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Headed to a termination trial this morning. It’s the first one I’ve attended since ours concluded in July 2012. I’m going to support a fellow foster mom. She’s a perfect example of faith and grace, ready to release her foster... Read More

A Film From a Birth Parent's Perspective

runfostermama: Punished for Being Poor?, is a short film linked on the NYSCCC website. The film explores having children removed from a birth parent’s perspective. This film is by Konstantin Syomin and Haya Fatima Iqbal. Follow the link below to... Read More


Welp, everyone on my end is ready to get SB adopted on National Adoption Day (November 9th in our county), except CPS. They might be ready, but I am not hopeful. I could cry. They are going to make this... Read More


My agency caseworker left to go take another job. Less then three months til our adoption date. Now I have no idea who is going to ready our file and get all our stuff together. Sweet. I should know better.... Read More

Recovery Period

Now that I’ve had some time to process everything that has gone on with Sugar Biscuit’s case, I’m now able to start getting angry. I spent so much time being compassionate and loving to his birth mother, partly because I... Read More

For real?

I heard that my county CPS office lost FIVE workers recently due to budget cuts. Mine already has 50 cases. How is this happening?!? Makes me so very, very sad for the kids in care. I’ve met nothing but wonderul,... Read More