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Will asked when I’m going to eat the chickens. I would totally eat the chickens. My husband is too much of a softie to help me kill them and it’s a two person job.... Read More

When I bought an actual butterfly bush, it was infested with aphids. So now I plant butterfly and hummingbird friendly stuff, but skip the bush. You know, kinda like you, Will.... Read More

Will, I don’t have a butterfly bush here, but I have a TON of butterfly plants!... Read More

The inside of the guest house, for those of you who wanted to see it. I’m not finished yet, still need art and some window coverings, but I’m getting there.... Read More

Nap time baking for an after school treat. And also so I can lick the spoons. #cookiebutter #bujnik... Read More

Now, I'm making waffles.

And it’s all your fault, Will!... Read More

Will, this is for you.... Read More

Scary panda says Happy Birthday, Will!!!... Read More

Bujnik gets a replacement.

Hubs says if I die, and Mike dies, he will date you, because your food looks good. But you’re going to have to ease him into the gay thing because its not really his speed. However, just between you and... Read More