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Clean Up, Clean Up

Coming home after vacation to an empty fridge and pantry meant I was able to restock with new foods. Since the move, since we live so close to many restaurants and are in a highly social area, our diets went... Read More

How I Love a Trifle

Trifle is a dessert that is near and dear to my heart. They are easy, beautiful to look at, and versatile. Simply put, a trifle is a dessert frequently consisting of layers of cake, fruit, and filling. You can always... Read More


A lipstick hippie and wanna be urban farmer blogs on life, motherhood, and foster parenting. Want to follow my new improved grown up blog over on Facebook? Come on, give it a likey! Tumblewieds... Read More

My family is here-

My mom, dad, and sister. We had a great day yesterday. Went to lunch, to the Arboretum, and headed to my favorite, Chicken Scratch, for dinner. Chicken Scratch was closed for a private party, so that sucked, but we ended... Read More

Cinnamon roll secret…

Add a little butter extract/flavoring to the cinnamon mix. And always, always serve with cream cheese frosting.... Read More