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An Egg-sistential Crisis

We live on a hunk of land large enough to support a couple of miniature donkeys and a handful of chickens. We started with a small group of hens and expanded to ten hens and a rooster last Spring. Over... Read More

It’s Raining, Literally and Figuratively

Doing respite this week for two boys, ages 3 and 5. This means I have two three year olds and a five year old. And they are boys. And they never stop eating, or moving.  I have an 11 year... Read More

RIP, Antoinette.

I found my Salmon Favorelle hen dead this morning. She was a sweet girl, and laid beautiful pink eggs. There was no sign of trauma, she was just dead under the feeder. Please let that be the last of the... Read More

Chicken coop cleaned for spring, divider put in, baby chickens moved into new digs. Now let’s hope everyone gets along and learns to live chickenly ever after!... Read More

Damn Bird

So, our rooster just spurred SB in the face. The only thing that protected him from injury was the Capri Sun (don;t worry, it was 100% juice!) he was carrying. There’s a huge rip in the bag and a bunch... Read More

Myso-calledcharmedlife asked for a coop post, so here it is. We have six hens, and an accidental rooster which my Internet friend named Rex Goliath. The coop is probably 4×6, and the run is an attached 6×6 chain link premade... Read More

17 weeks old

Any time from now, my hens will start to lay eggs. I can’t wait!!!!... Read More

Name That Rooster contest!

So, I bought what I thought were seven hens back in April. Except one started to crow. He’s a boy, but perhaps the most effiminate male chicken I have every seen. He literally prances. The hens ignore him. He is... Read More

Apparently, this is my new life

Spent an inordinate amount of time today reading about rooster behavior and how chickens mate. ... Read More