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My message to you is, especially during this season, that we reflect on the sorrows and the suffering in our life and where there might be opportunities for us to uncover that and create great joy from those sorrows. My... Read More

I have an opportunity to go with my dad back to Mbeya, Tanzania this September with a layover for a whole day in Istanbul. Don’t need to spend the money, not really sure how I’d take care of my kids,... Read More

No big deal

My dad (stepdad of 25 years) is just in today’s New York Times.  I am so proud of him.  No big deal... Read More

My last post made me nostalgic for Africa. These are some of my favorite shots from my trip. I went with my dad’s chocolate company on a bean buying/humanitarian trip with the Chocolate University students. It changed my life. I... Read More

Flashback Friday. Me*, dancing in Tenende Village, Tanzania at a well dedication ceremony. August 2010. The trip that made me decide to become a foster mom. The best time of my life. *30 pounds ago…... Read More