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Three Eggs

*This is the first in an installment of a series I intend to write about my five years of experience as a foster mom. In August of 2010, I found myself suddenly in Tanzania on a bus full of high... Read More

In Practice

Last night was Sugar Biscuit’s first soccer practice. He was so excited to go, until he got there. I was busy with a late client, so Dozer drove him for me. As soon as he got there, the tears and... Read More

The Now

How has it been almost two months since I last posted? I suppose because my life has been a whirlwind of closing on our old house and cleaning it out, travel, classes, setting up a business, and being a wife... Read More

How May I Serve?

I’ve found that when you seriously ask the above question, and then wait for the answer, you get what you asked for. The doors get blown off your life, the wheels go missing, your Universe expands, and just when you... Read More

The Road

My friend just got a baby. As in, someone knew someone who knew my friend wanted to grow her family through adoption, and happened to know a birth mother looking to place her baby. Fourteen days later the baby was... Read More


We threw Sugar Biscuit his fourth birthday party this evening. Every milestone is a little reminder of how far he’s come, of the miracle of love and the healing power of time. In four days, it marks the day he... Read More


In most states, foster parents are allowed to intervene in their foster child’s case after having the child in their home for a certain length of time. In Texas, on year is usually considered the standard amount of time you... Read More

The First of Many

“Mama, you prayed and prayed for me? Why?” “Because I wanted you to be safe and I loved you very, very much.” “You gotten me from the hospital, and my birth mom left me there?” “Well, your birth mom was... Read More

Two Years Ago today

I was one day into a six day long trial that would determine where my Sugar Biscuit would live. And not a day goes by that I’m not grateful that I never have to go through that again, and am... Read More

Bread Crumbs

It probably started last October, but I’m aware it began before I was born. But last October, my kids told me they missed fostering, wanted to bring on more kids. I shelved the idea. The work was too hard, too... Read More