1. I used to be a singer in a blues band.

2. I hate brussels sprouts, beets, and eggs.

3. My favorite t-shirt is the HankIII one that says “100% Hellbetty”

4. I’m tired of getting my ass kicked this week.

5. I am scared of the karmic effects of killing ants, so if one gets on me, I blow it away.

6. I’d like to adopt a teenager out of foster care. A long time from now, but I would.

7. I used to kid my mom and say I wanted to have four kids by four different men, but now it’s my reality. 

8. I love trashy TV shows, but rarely get to watch.

9. I’m pretty convinced I’m going to get a book deal and go on a speaking tour. 

10. I learned a valuable lesson this week about the place some people need to hold in my life, versus the place they actually hold.