Yesterday was the busiest of busy days and I barely could catch my breath. I had a million things that bled into one another, my friends took placement this morning of two darling little boys and needed help gathering beds and such, I was trying to get miles of paperwork filled out so we can do respite for Catholic Charities. Between that and fielding placement calls and regular mom stuff, I was running.Oh, and did I mention my former Unitarian minister is vacationing with his new partner in my guest house and needed to be socialized with?  I finally collapsed with a microwaveable pizza and a glass of wine around nine. 

Of course I slept well, but then I hit the ground running again this morning. The equine vet came out and diagnosed Solace with a cut foot and Jubilee with a rash. They both got some shots in their asses (get it?) and tonight I get to bathe Jubilee with special shampoo, so that’s another new life experience. 

After the vet left Sugar B. and I loaded up and took lunch to my friends and their new boys, ages 3 and 5. The boys are darling and precious, with all the energy boys bring. My friend and her wife are well-prepared and have totally got this, and I’m looking forward to being their daycare provider for the next two weeks while my friend who is a teacher finishes the school year. It’s gonna be hopping over here with two three-year-olds and a five year old, in addition to my big kids! My husband is right, I adore chaos. 

The rest of the day I’m spending prepping for our trip this weekend. Luckily, dinner is in the crock pot and the last load of laundry is running. We are leaving after lunch tomorrow. Luckily, I have lots of help here at the house,  but I’m hoping the eggs my hen is sitting on don’t hatch before I get back. I don’t want my house sitters to have to mess with a flock of baby chicks! 

We will probably go radio silence over the weekend. Maybe. I want to soak up our time with family and really enjoy Hub’s dad before he transitions. Plus, I’m thinking down time is a great plan. June promises to be a busy month for us, and you never know when another child will show up…