This year is so drastically different than any year of my life. I’ve written about how the doors blew off, and everything changed, and continues to change, at a rapid and mind-blowing rate. The opportunities coming my way, the clients that are showing up, the work I’m doing, the people I’m meeting, the places I’m going- they are all one big giant gift for which I am continually grateful. This trip to Sedona is just one of those gifts. I’m with my mom and my oldest son and we are seeing a part of the world we’ve never seen, experiencing each other in new ways.

Sedona is the only place besides Texas I would ever consider living. I got here, and part of me came home. The rocks and the colors, the sky and sunrise, all feel like lost parts of me finally being returned. It is simply breathtaking here. It took me a minute to adjust to the vibrations and the energy in this space, but I did it, and I don’t want to leave.

Today, I’m being given the opportunity to visit my dear teacher’s recovery center. They use traditional and holistic methods to heal people suffering from addiction and other mental health crises. They do for their clients what I want to do for hurting families- bring healing and wholeness, help them create a new map. Part of me is feeling called to work with families who can’t typically afford quality help, maybe a non-profit or something. As with everything else, I guess I will see what Spirit calls me to, and I will answer.

In any event, Sedona is amazing, and feels like a new home to me, and I am hopeful I can come back here to work and visit often. We leave Friday, headed for Santa Fe for a few days before returning home. I miss my other babies, and am grateful for technology so I can see their faces every day when I am away. As my travel horizons expand, so does my mind and heart. There is no limit to where I might go, what I might do, who I might meet along the way. There is nothing but limitless possibility and a beautiful journey, both behind me, and ahead.