Think I may be getting a sinus infection. Not cool. At all. And here I was thinking I was getting better. Making best friends with my Neti Pot.

I didn’t divorce my husband even though he drank the last of the coffee. This proves how much I love him.

Got the dates last night for our trip to Hawaii in late summer. SO excited! Taking the kids, courtesy of my dad giving me his timeshare this year. Words can describe how much I appreciate my dad doing this for us. This will be the coolest family trip we’ve ever taken, and I’m just thrilled. 

This week, planning a final RV trip to Big Bend, Terlingua, Marfa, and all that cool stuff for last February. Then, we’re going to come back and really sell the RV for real this time, because we just don’t use it like we did when the kids were smaller. I’ll be sad to see it go, but am looking forward to one last trip. 

Sugar Biscuit has a hair appointment. I’m thinking we are going to cut about an inch off the very back, to relieve the mullet effect. I swear, it’s like his hair just wants to grow into a mullet! I’m taking him to the girl that does my hair, and am very excited that he might actually get a great haircut besides me just trimming at it. No one ever gets it right, and he and I are very particular about his hair. It was all I could do to get him to agree to cut off a tiny bit, even though it grazes his mid-shoulder blades in the back. I’ll try and get a before and after. 

Coming home, and watching the last half of Downton Abbey during nap. I got all excited to settle in and watch it last night, only to realize about five minutes in that I must have missed the finale when we were selling our house and looking for this one early last year. So, I watched the finale, was appropriately devastated, and then only got a bit into last night’s before falling asleep.

And coffee… Still need coffee!