Finally, a schedule that will allow be to get healthy again. Music class this morning, a quick errand, a healthy lunch, and a long baby nap that allowed mama to get a lot of sewing done. 

If anyone is looking for a sewing book that will allow you to make an entire wardrobe for your kids, get this one. There’s also one for babies and children, as well as lingerie.

The photos are totally 70’s, and some of the styles need a small amount of adjustment to make them more current. For instance, I widen the pants legs and lower the waistline. But this is my go to, and has been for over ten years. T-shirts, sweat suits, pajamas, you name it. I love how the simple patterns leave so much room for creativity. Today, I’m working on a grey sweatsuit with a small puppy applique on the chest, with matching pants that will have a tiny dog bone on the ankle. Cost me $10 and a couple of hours, looks like it came from a boutique. 

If you get this, let me know what you think!