Back in February, I hosted a Healing Touch workshop at my home. Healing Touch is an energy work methodology, and the last technique we learned was a Chakra Spread. We practiced on each other, and I went into my session repeating, “I release that which no longer serves, and I welcome opportunities that serve my life purpose.”I got very deep into the meditation, and near the end, I had a vision.

The Virgin Mary walked up on my left side. She wrapped her arm around me, and whisked me away to a crowded stone square full of people. All of the people were moving so fast, they were just blurs. The Virgin held her left arm out, and beckoned, and out of the crowd a little boy appeared. He was about seven, with a missing front tooth, and appeared to be Hispanic in origin. The little boy shyly approached, and I instantly knew him. I bent towards him, and said, “There you are! I’ve been waiting for you!!!” And then he wrapped his arms around my waist and we hugged. 

Right after, my session ended, and I came to. I shared my vision with everyone with tears in my eyes. A couple of weeks later I was describing my experience with a Catholic friend. She asked why I thought it was the Virgin Mary, and I described what she looked like. My friend then said, “Oh no, that is Our Lady of Guadelupe- the patron Saint of Central America, which from what you’ve told me, is where this little boy you saw originates from.” Chillbump time! 

Since then, Our Lady keeps showing up in my life. Bumper stickers, a painting situated precisely over my head in a restaurant, a piece of paper on the ground, literally turning up everywhere. 

Last week, she came to me again in a dream. She was with me in my backyard, a silent and loving presence while I watched my kids swim. Out of the water burst the same little boy, sleek with water, laughing, and crying out, “Mom! Watch this!” The dream startled me so much I woke up. 

I’m not sure what all of this means. I have a pretty good idea, but I’m almost afraid to write it all out. I wanted to post it here for safe keeping, as we move into the future. I know that I have absolutely followed what I feel is my path, one breadcrumb after another. All of the pieces of the puzzle that is my future are all laid out, and a few have started snapping together as we commit to helping more kids. One thing is for sure, I know Our Lady/the Virgin/the Mother is with me, guiding my steps and lighting my path.