So, after accepting placement of the two brothers, my home developer called me back to say that they couldn’t place them with us because we weren’t licensed yet. I then reminded her that we are indeed licensed with another agency, and since we’ve taken all the classes her agency requires, we are actually licensed to do respite care (up to two weeks) for them. Or, at least this is what we were told.

We initially intended to just do respite for the IFC program, and were told that we qualify to do respite as long as we are licensed with through the state and have taken their specific required classes, which we have done. Once we got into the program, we decided to switch completely, but we won’t have our license switched to the new agency until after our home study (which is today at 2pm) is approved.

That being said, once we reminded her that we are licensed, and able to do respite per what we were told when we started with them, she then took the number of our current agency and told me that she did know the boys weren’t coming last night, but to expect a call this morning after she confirmed the state of our current license. Then I told her that my old agency probably doesn’t like me very much, since I’ve been vocal in my disapproval about the way things are being run right now, but they *should* confirm my license is active and I’m able to provide respite. We shall see.

This has all been a nice reminder that we haven’t escaped the world of confusion and bureaucracy that pervades the world of foster care, international or not. I don’t know if two boys are going to be sleeping under my roof tonight, or not. I do know that I have a home study appointment at two, and that I plan to spend the day picking up around here and am ready either way. The good news is, my house is super clean and I’ve already planned tonight’s meal. It will be chicken and rice, which according to our home developer, is a meal kids from all over the world will eat!