The “Don’t Shake the Baby” and “Don’t Be an Idiot When you’re Medicating Other People’s Child/ren” ones. Next week we have a walk through, and scheduling our home study update, all on the same day the farrier is here to trim the donkey’s feet. That will be an interesting day.

Week after next, we have “Several Hours of Nothing To Do With Real Life Applications as Foster Parents”. Then, the 22nd, we have “How to Put A Raging Kid in Restraint Without Killing Him/Her”, and that’s it. We will be relicensed and ready to take respite cases and emergency, short term placements in April. 

It’s funny how a process that seemed so daunting the first time around just feels like old hat, and is so much less stressful. Of course, we are having to take quite a few less classes, but that is the only difference. 

Anyway, it’s good. Our family is looking forward to serving in this small way.