Last night I made frozen pizzas for dinner and helped Dozer move rooms. Because we now have four kids (yay!!!), we have too few bedrooms, and our kids are at awkward ages that make sharing difficult. So, when she moved back, we put the Teenager in the game room, which is just about the biggest room in the house, and my second favorite. The problem is that the Teenager is never home, while Dozer is constantly having friends over and hosting sleepovers. So, we had the girls switch rooms, and last night we busted hump to get it done because Dozer’s birthday party sleepover is tonight. Five 14 year old girls in one room. What could go wrong? We are taking them all out to hibachi beforehand. I will need all the sake. 

After we switched rooms, I left Dozer to do all the little stuff, and headed to my bathroom to wash my face, then I spent some time plucking my mustache and nose hairs. About halfway in, I did pause to reflect that this is what my life has become. Frozen pizza and cheap beer on a Friday night before an exhilarating round of face hair plucking. This has to stop. Stella’s gotta get her groove back, y’all!