Someone really close to us is in the position of having to decide if they will take placement of their adopted son’s two little sisters. And by little I mean 3 years and 16 days. Their adopted boys are high needs, the sisters are still in a foster care case, there is potential trauma seeing the sisters go back and forth from their biological mom, not to mention what might happen if she was able (highly unlikely) to get them back. There are SO many elements here, so much to look at, so many unknowns and uncertainties. 

My heart just hurts for them. The bright spot is the girls are in a foster home I know, with people who love them and want to adopt and would maintain sibling contact. These girls will be safe and loved either way, as long as they don’t return to their family of origin.

I don’t envy this choice at all. The one good thing for our family is we have now discussed at length what we would do in this situation, and are prepared with an answer should a similar call ever come.