because this is just so damn cool, but I have some pretty big plans for next year. 

A group of close friends and I plan to open a healing arts center here in my town. It will be kind of like a salon suites type place, but will offer alternative healing services and classes, with a retail portion as well. I’m really excited abut this, and about the people God has placed in my life so that we can work together. 

So far, we plan to offer, among other things:

  • Thai yoga massage along with kid’s yoga classes
  • Energy work and therapy
  • Massage, facials, body work
  • Reiki
  • Intuitive/psychic guidance
  • Chakra therapy
  • Doula services and birth classes

We will be offering classes on all the above type things, in addition to classes on manifesting abundance and creating joy, the art of self care, etc. And the retail portion will carry all manner of healing and educational items, along with other things.

I’m pretty excited about all that is to come, and what this means for me and my friends and family. Onward and upward!