My son keeps missing his alarm. He’s almost 12. He’s old enough to wake up on his own, and I’m tired of going into his room and waking him. We’ve come up with a lot of ideas to help him wake up, and he is failing to implement them. 

School starts in 15 minutes. I’m guessing he will be late, because he’s neglected to get up yet again this morning. Hopefully he will be up in time to catch a ride when I take Dozer in. I’ve emailed the teacher to get her up to speed. 

Speaking of Dozer, she didn’t unload the dishwasher last night, so it looks like she might be late too, unless she wakes up in time to get it done before school. I’m happy to take her to school as soon as she completes the job she was supposed to do last night. 

Good times!