Myso-calledcharmedlife asked for a coop post, so here it is. We have six hens, and an accidental rooster which my Internet friend named Rex Goliath. The coop is probably 4×6, and the run is an attached 6×6 chain link premade dog run. The coop has 8 nest boxes, a hook where we hang feed, and a roost. There’s also run space under the coop. The coop was here when we moved in, and its well made and well installed. The chicken wire is buried all the way around to prevent nighttime marauders.

The run space would be too small, IMO, if we didn’t let the chickens range. But we let them out every morning and put them up at night. We feed an organic, non soy, non GMO feed that my awesome local feed store carries. We use the same brand scratch when we treat them once a day. I add apple cider vinegar and Willard Water to their water. They don’t eat much, probably because they eat so much grass and bugs while they range over the back acre. Plus, we feed them a lot of our leftovers. They especially love watermelon and spaghetti.

Really, they are very inexpensive to keep when they can forage for their own feed. They eat most of our bugs and frequently kill snakes, which I like since we do have poisonous ones here and I have small kids.

I think that’s about it. Any other questions? I’m happy to answer. I adore keeping chickens!