So GUL asked for photos of you and the other and this is my better half! These are my two favorite photos of us ever, taken by two ladies who look a lot alike weirdly enough.
The top one is from our “engagement” shoot. We look so deeply in love and in need of each other. It’s taken by my best friend(AND the amazing photographer Heidi..look her up on Facebook “Nothing Fades Photography”). We spent the entire time laughing and I spent most of it so enthralled by that man.
The second is a lot more intimate. It’s us at a Christmas dinner at Josh’s. it’s not secret his family makes me ehhhhno most the time. I spent the day curled up to his side terrified, and his sister snapped this shot of me. I believe I was whispering “get me the heck outta here”

Love these pictures! Thank you for sharing!